Members’ Login

Enter your username and password to access information available to members only, such as the Direct Debit set-up form or the comprehensive event bookings report.

New for the 2023 season

We have completely changed how you login compared with previous seasons. We are now using your email address as the Username and have assigned each member with a new Password. These were communicated, via email, during late January 2023 or when you (re-)joined as a member.

For the time being the assigned password cannot be changed. As we further develop the website, this facility will be added.

Case Sensitivity

The username is not case sensitive; however the password is case sensitive.

Forgotten Username

Your username is the email address the club uses when sending you emails, specifically membership and event bookings emails if you have more than one address registered.

If you’ve checked your credentials and still can’t login, please send an email to the usual address for troubleshooting.

Club Members Only

The Members’ Login facilities are for paid-up club members only.

Password Security

IMPORTANT: As with any online service, please do not re-use your club password for any other online service.